“Set Yourself Free” by Ralph Marston"

---"There is no outside force holding you back. You are holding you back and you are blaming it on someone or something else. The way you are able to continue holding yourself back is by maintaining the illusion that you're a victim. Once you realize that illusion, you will naturally and easily move forward. In fact, it is easier to fulfill your best possibilities than it is to avoid them. So let go of the blame and watch the limitations drop away. Certainly there will always be challenges that hold you back. For each challenge provides you with a pathway through which you can move toward fulfillment. It is your very nature to accomplish. Lovingly accept your destiny, and allow that accomplishment to be manifest through you. Set yourself free to follow your purpose. Set yourself free to truly live."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 ( R1 P3) : 199.8

Tried to make the Oopsie rolls. Broke my mixer trying to get the egg whites to make stiff peaks.
It's one of those all in one hand mixers. I'm going to buy a hand mixer with beaters and hopefully that will make a difference. I put the runny batter into muffin cups and they came out all right.

My tummy hurts! I haven't really been that hungry but for breakfast this morning I had egg salad and for lunch I had the cheese and toppings off two pieces of pizza that they sell here at work every Thursday. I ditched the crust.

Today is my middle daughter's 7th birthday. She wants to go out for dinner so I think I'll let them order cake at the restaurant. That way I won't be tempted by having to buy a cake and bring it home and cut it.

I'm having a hard time finding HCG injections from buyers who will ship to Canada. Customs seems to be really cracking down as of late. Not sure why or if it's just for HCG that they're getting more agressive in checking but I don't want to order and have to wait 8 weeks wondering if customs will ever release the parcel or if they will just confiscate it and destroy the contents.

Does anyone have any recommendations for low-carb tortillas?


  1. I woke in the night with the message to order more HCG - gut is telling me they are cracking down. I hope it arrives!

    Low carb tortilla - yes, "La Tortilla Factory" makes a good one! I'd wait until P4 to try it though.

    Love your plan for dinner. Good on ya!

  2. I think your tummy may hurt because of your transition into P3 because of adding fats back into your diet. Start taking turmeric (it comes in capsule form) until your tummy ache goes away. Turmeric helps your system produce more bile, which assists in digesting fat. Acidophilus pearls will also help. I got both things at my local grocery store, so its nothing special. Take them until your system gets used to digesting fats.

    Have you tried ordering your hcg from Allday chemists?

  3. Good plan about the cake. And you know regular old yellow mustard has turmeric in it...it tastes delicious!