“Set Yourself Free” by Ralph Marston"

---"There is no outside force holding you back. You are holding you back and you are blaming it on someone or something else. The way you are able to continue holding yourself back is by maintaining the illusion that you're a victim. Once you realize that illusion, you will naturally and easily move forward. In fact, it is easier to fulfill your best possibilities than it is to avoid them. So let go of the blame and watch the limitations drop away. Certainly there will always be challenges that hold you back. For each challenge provides you with a pathway through which you can move toward fulfillment. It is your very nature to accomplish. Lovingly accept your destiny, and allow that accomplishment to be manifest through you. Set yourself free to follow your purpose. Set yourself free to truly live."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

VLCD 2 (R 2 P2 ): 204.6

Just a quick update. Decent loss but it's so wierd - I forgot last night while I was watching American Idol that I was not loading anymore! There was a bowl of chips left on the sidetable that Mr. K had been eating and left there. Before I knew it I was eating some and though oh shit - I'm not loading anymore!! But yesterday was all clean except for the chips and today is completely clean eating.

Still getting used to the drops. I must say I like the injections more for the ease of use.

Mr. K and I had a couples counselling session at the brain rehab centre today at noon. I was going to try some of the strategies they gave us for communicating and then when he came to pick me up (he parked the car) he came back with a $60 parking ticket. He said he coudl save us $10 by parking on a side road instead of in the paid parking lot. So I was soooooooo pissed off and that ended working on the strategies right then and there. Then I came back to work and someone had left a piece of cake on my desk!?!? I missed the bday celebration at lunch so someone *kindly* thought that I woudl want the cake. I took it straight away and put it on someone else's desk and didn't think twice. I'm so looking forward to seeing the 180's and cake will not stop me!!!! Seize the power lol.